How to Book

Booking Hours. Hire is available for a minimum of 1 hour and must be paid for in multiples of 1 hour (so, a two and a half hours booking counts as 3 hours). Hours are booked as elapsed time, not ‘on the hour’, but need to include setting up and breaking down time, the only exception being that any extra time allowed for sanitisation due to Covid was/is not subject to charge.

Anyone wishing to book the hall should first look to check hall availability on the Calendar page and then contact the Bookings Secretary by phone or email to discuss their requirements and hall suitability for the event.

Booking Fees. For 2023, the standard hire fee is £10 per hour or part thereof; this will be kept under review and may have to be increased due to inflation, particularly w.r.t. utility prices. Payment is required in advance or at time of booking, details to be confirmed when the booking is made. Cash is not acceptable.

The hall is cleaned early each morning but not between hires; each session organiser is responsible for cleaning after their hire, to include sweeping the hall floor, cleaning any hall/kitchen equipment used (tables, kitchen surfaces, cooking equipment, etc.). All rubbish must be removed from site (the only exception being sanitary and nappy waste which is collected under a service contract); the hall has no outside bins nor collection service.

Failure to follow this requirement could result in additional cleaning charges being added to the hirer’s fee or termination of the hire agreement.

A requirement for extended use of the kitchen may be subject to an additional fee. No additional fee is charged for broadband access.

Booking Conditions and Forms. The hirer must read fully the Standard (and any relevant Special) Conditions of Hire and return a completed Booking Form to indicate agreement to abide by these. They must retain a copy for their records.

Key Booking Requirements:

  • User group’s Risk Assessments: copy to be provided
  • User group’s Public Liability Insurance: copy to be provided (the hall’s insurance does not cover 3rd parties) when completing the booking
  • User group’s Safe Guarding Policy (for Children and/or Vulnerable Adults): copy to be provided if applicable
  • Use of music: The Hall has a PRS music licence but this does not cover a hirer’s use of music, so hirers should check with PPL/PRS and if necessary hold their own PPL

Access to Hall: Depending on regularity of use, hall access will be by provision of a key from a designated key-holder or by access to the key-safe; to be confirmed at time of booking.

St Mary’s Church House Hall, South Street, Bridport DT6 3NN

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