St Mary’s Church House Hall – committee vacancies

One effect of the pandemic has been fewer chances to meet users and potential volunteers. The hall committee of this valuable community hub in South Street would welcome hearing from socially-minded individuals – whether current users of the hall or not – with a view to their joining the volunteer committee. We traditionally have met 4 times a year for about 2 hours in the evening, otherwise business is largely conducted by email (or now by zoom meeting where appropriate).

We have the usual committee roles – chairman, secretary, bookings secretary and treasurer – and would hope to ‘break’ newcomers in gently with a view to their taking on tasks to help out and maybe rotating into an officer role in due course as some of our long-term members take a step back.

Without such help coming forward, the future viability of facilities such as our hall was established to provide to the town will unfortunately be in doubt.

If you are interested in ‘doing your bit’ please phone Monty on 01308 423442 or email

For more info on the hall see: St Mary’s Church House Hall – Community hall for hire near Bridport town centre (

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